BHW Company was founded in 2013.

BHW is providing engineering design and consultancy services in the field of water management and infrastructure facilities and systems such as dams, hydro power plants, potable and wastewater treatment plants, etc. The company provides activities in other fields of structural design, as well.

BHW offers services for all stages of technical documentation, from Studies to Final Design and Tender Documentation. Consultancy services include independent design checks and review, supervision, expertise and other assistance to the Client needed for successful project realization. Besides the conceptual design, the main design activities are static and dynamic analyses.

Based on years of experience of our experts and engaged outsource experts, BHW is covering the following major fields of activities:

  • Projects of Hydrotechnical structures (high dams with hydropower plants, tunnels, intakes, bell-mouth spillways, stealing basins, bridges, water towers, etc.))
  • Projects of Small hydropower plants
  • Projects of Water treatment plants
  • Projects of Hydraulic steel structures (guard gates, radial gates, cranes, etc.)
  • Seismic structural design including hydrodynamic response analyses
  • Temperature structural design
  • Projects of Rehabilitation, reparation and remedy measures of structures
  • Project management including bid evaluation, contract advice and preparation contractual documents for Tendering purposes
  • Providing assistance to the Client and Training for all project stages